Success Through Positive Thinking

The author S.P. Sharma, not only discusses the problems facing the modern man in his book, but he also explains certain religious truths comprehensively by employing non-technical language. It contains for you useful information designed to help you relieve you from anxiety and disturbing thoughts--providing you a clear vision leading to happier life. It would help you: *To combat the shocks of life *To know that nothing is more useful than the awakened self *To understand the principles that make life happier It is a wonderful work for anyone who desires to get success through positive thinking. #v&spublishers
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  • Kitty Demataismembuat kutipan7 bulan yang lalu
    Its chief characteristic is peace, not possession; contentment, not ambition; love and sacrifice, not pleasure and indulgence. It comes when a man stops fighting the universe and rests himself in the hand of the One who has made the universe and still manages it—when he stops trying to find happiness in the world and looks for it in his own heart.”
  • elinzalovmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Narrowness of mind can vanish only with the dawn of breadth of vision just as the darkness of night will vanish only with the dawn of daylight.

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