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Fyodor Dostoevsky

White Nights

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    Have you lived or not? Look, one says to oneself, look how cold the world is growing
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    In two minutes you have made me happy for ever.
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    . . Good-bye, thank you! . . . ”

    “Surely . . . surely you don’t mean . . . that we shall never see each other again? . . . Surely this is not to be the end?”

    “You see,” said the girl, laughing, “at first you only wanted two words, and now. . . . However, I won’t say anything . . . perhaps we shall meet. . . . ”
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    You . . . perhaps it was my fancy
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    Either the sunbeams suddenly peeping out from the clouds for a moment were hidden again behind a veil of rain, and everything had grown dingy again before my eyes; or perhaps the whole vista of my future flashed before me so sad and forbidding, and I saw myself just as I was now, fifteen years hence, older, in the same room, just as solitary, with the same Matrona grown no cleverer for those fifteen years.

    But to imagine that I should bear you a grudge, Nastenka! That I should cast a dark cloud over your serene, untroubled happiness; that by my bitter reproaches I should cause distress to your heart, should poison it with secret remorse and should force it to throb with anguish at the moment of bliss; that I should crush a single one of those tender blossoms which you have twined in your dark tresses when you go with him to the altar.... Oh never, never! May your sky be clear, may your sweet smile be bright and untroubled, and may you be blessed for that moment of blissful happiness which you gave to another, lonely and grateful heart!

    My God, a whole moment of happiness! Is that too little for the whole of a man’s life?
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    What you told me about your dreamer is quite untrue now—that is, I mean, it’s not true of you. You are recovering, you are quite a different man from what you described. If you ever fall in love with some one, God give you happiness with her! I won’t wish anything for her, for she will be happy with you. I know, I am a woman myself, so you must believe me when I tell you so.
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    she said, giving it to me again. “Come, what is it? We will meet him together; I want him to see how fond we are of each other.”

    “How fond we are of each other!” I cried. (“Oh, Nastenka, Nastenka,” I thought, “how much you have told me in that saying! Such fondness at certain moments makes the heart cold and the soul heavy. Your hand is cold, mine burns like fire. How blind you are, Nastenka!... Oh, how unbearable a happy person is sometimes! But I could not be angry with you!”)

    At last my heart was too full.
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    “Do you know why I am so glad,” she said, “so glad to look at you?—why I like you so much to-day?”

    “Well?” I asked, and my heart began throbbing.

    “I like you because you have not fallen in love with me. You know that some men in your place would have been pestering and worrying me, would have been sighing and miserable, while you are so nice!”

    Then she wrung my hand so hard that I almost cried out. She laughed.

    “Goodness, what a friend you are!” she began gravely a minute later. “God sent you to me. What would have happened to me if you had not been with me now? How disinterested you are! How truly you care for me! When I am married we will be great friends, more than brother and sister; I shall care almost as I do for him....”

    I felt horribly sad at that moment, yet something like laughter was stirring in my soul.

    “You are very much upset,” I said; “you are frightened; you think he won’t come.”
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    It’s only tears, they will soon dry.
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    How easy it is for him to wound, to insult a poor, defenceless girl, whose only fault is that she loves him!
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