Fyodor Dostoevsky

White Nights

Our narrator loves St. Petersburg at night time. He no longer feels comfortable during the day because all of the people he was used to seeing are not there. He drew his emotions from there. If they were happy, he was happy. If they were despondent, he was despondent. He felt alone when seeing new faces. He also knew the houses. As he strolled down the streets they would talk to him and tell him how they were being renovated or painted a new colour or being torn down. He lives alone in a small apartment in Saint Petersburg with only his older, non-social maid Matryona to keep him company.
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    Have you lived or not? Look, one says to oneself, look how cold the world is growing
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    In two minutes you have made me happy for ever.
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    . . Good-bye, thank you! . . . ”

    “Surely . . . surely you don’t mean . . . that we shall never see each other again? . . . Surely this is not to be the end?”

    “You see,” said the girl, laughing, “at first you only wanted two words, and now. . . . However, I won’t say anything . . . perhaps we shall meet. . . . ”
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