Graham Allcott

Get Your Inbox Down to Zero

Is your inbox overloaded? Feel like your email is controlling your life?

You need the ninja way of email management!

In this short ebook, an edited extract from Graham Allcott’s acclaimed How to be a Productivity Ninja, you’ll learn the simple skills to get your inbox down to zero – and keep it there, day after day.

Following Allcott’s straightforward advice, anyone – from a student to a Chief Executive – can keep on top of their messages and feel in command, calm and up to date. You’ll learn to be ruthless, to separate thinking from doing, and how to make your email inbox work for you – and not the other way around!
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    Delete it, or file it away
    Do it now (if less than a two minute action, automatically do it then and there)
    Do it later
    Decide it doesn’t need an action, but file it for reference or future use
    Delegate it for someone else to do
    Defer the decision about whether the action needs doing to a later stage (usually by adding to your calendar)
    Decide there is no action from you, but that you want to track whether someone else follows through.

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