Dan Roam

Back of The Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures

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This original book provides a whole new way of looking at business problems and ideas. Dan Roam demonstrates how thinking with pictures can help you discover and develop new ideas, solve problems in unexpected ways, and dramatically improve your ability to share your insights with others.Used properly, a simple drawing on a humble napkin is more powerful than Excel or PowerPoint. It can help us crystallise ideas, think outside of the box, and communicate in a way that other people simply “get”.Drawing on 20 years of visual problem solving combined with recent discoveries in vision science, Roam shows us how to clarify a problem or sell an idea by visually breaking it down using a simple set of visualisation tools. His strategies take advantage of everyone’s innate ability to look, see, imagine and show
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    timeline shows the relationship of things over time
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    the only challenge with most maps is coming up with a meaningful coordinate system;
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    n order to figure out which customers to go out and talk to, we need to create a portrait of who we think they are.

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