David Oakley

Why Is Your Name Upside Down?: Stories From a Life in Advertising

Don't do things that people will remember. Do things that people will never forget. Like eating a fishing worm to make a point.
Why is Your Name Upside Down? is a collection of hilariously entertaining stories from award-winning creative director David Oakley's adventures in advertising. For over 25 years, David has been creating provocative brand stories and experiences that people want to share. From starting his own agency with the biggest presidential campaign blunder in history to smashing a car with a giant muffin,
David's stories are a rollicking good read.

These stories go well beyond advice to the young advertising professional. Even people who hate advertising will love learning how to make peace with the "Celine Dion curse," how a Ping-Pong table bought from a drug dealer can cure your writer's block, and how to deal with a celebrity spokesman who insists on destroying your client's product. If for nothing else, you should read
Why is Your Name Upside Down? just to find out why Oakley is upside down.
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    Tamara Dzuvermembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    Friday, October 20, we’d post the billboard with Bush’s face and Gore’s logo. We’d leave it up over the weekend and we would “fix” it the following Monday with an overlay (banner) announcing a job opening for a proofreader on 123hire.com. If anyone called Adams about the “mistake,” they’d say they were aware of it and would take care of it ASAP.
    Tamara Dzuvermembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    RACEWYA. The mistake got them front-page coverage in the New York Times and the New York Post. Thanks to all the press, the race sold out and they were never broke again. They misspelled it on purpose. Or at least that’s what they said.”
    Tamara Dzuvermembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    “You know about Yonkers Raceway in New York?”

    “No,” he replied.

    “Apparently when that track was completed in the early 1900s, the builders were broke and didn’t have any money to advertise the track. So the day before the first race, they installed ten-foot-tall letters on the entrance facing the highway that spelled YONKERS

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