The Nature of Reality

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The world view presented by so-called mainstream sources has left many people dissatisfied, and with good reason.

Most religions teach that we live in a universe presided over by a loving, peaceful and all-powerful God, but fail to explain why immense human suffering can be seen or experienced in life, particularly in ‘natural’ disasters such as a tsunami or earthquake.

Classical science, with its mechanical view of the universe, has failed to explain phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing or out of body experiences, to name just a few. These phenomena are far too well documented to be dismissed, so they must be incorporated into a plausible world view.

‘New age’ belief systems borrow from the eastern philosophies and talk about the ‘wholeness’ of reality or that everything is ‘one’, but then continue to philosophise about the nature of reality in the ‘dualistic’ terms of ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’. These belief systems are further confused by the consideration of 3 separate states, namely, mind, body, spirit.

A number of eminent physics professors have stated quite clearly that matter, energy and consciousness are the same thing, which would indicate that there cannot be these normally accepted 3 separate states of mind, body and spirit.

It may therefore seem impossible to find a way through the world’s minefield of beliefs and dogmas without wasting years studying systems which turn out to be unsatisfactory or even worthless; which fail to answer any of the big questions about life and world events.

Einstein once said, “A problem cannot be solved using the same thoughts or approach which caused it in the first place”.

This book provides a radically new approach.

Although the concepts are both astounding and challenging, they are supported by discoveries at the cutting edge of quantum physics.

The staggering implications of this new approach will completely change your view of who you think you are and what life really is.
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