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Zoe McKey

The Art of Minimalism

Is your life filled with valueless objects that don’t make you happy? Do you feel anxious when you buy things but you can’t control the urge? Would you like to let go of unimportant stuff with a peace of mind?

Your happiness costs less than you think. You deserve a stress-free life — where the things you own serve you and help you live a well-balanced life.
The Art of Minimalism will present you 4 minimalist techniques, the bests from around the world, to give you a perspective on how to declutter your house, your mind, and your life in general. Learn how to let go of everything that is not important in your life and find methods that give you a peace of mind and happiness instead.

Keep balance at the edge of minimalism and consumerism.

• You feel that stress is overwhelming your life
You wish to downsize your surroundings
• You wish to trade spending on stuff to spending on memories
Want to discover exactly how much should you simplify to meet your needs
• You wish to familiarize with the best decluttering, aesthetically simplifying, mental peace giving techniques

Minimalism is an inversely proportional process: the less you do, the more will you have. And the less you keep the happier you’ll be.

•Four easy-to-adopt minimalist methods
What are those things that are worth paying for to live a fuller life
•What are the things worth learning in order to live simply in a consumerist world
How to avoid being a minimalism consumerist
•The critical viewpoint of each minimalist practice presented to get a broader perspective on how to make the best minimalist decisions
In The Art of Minimalism you’ll find the techniques and the tips of the bests in how to achieve the mess free life you’re longing for. This book will give you a complex peek into the pros and cons of minimalism. Don’t feel obliged to believe and use everything you read. You will succeed to create your own best minimalist life style if you don’t adopt everything from this book. Minimalism is not a must, but a choice without any pressure or negative consequence.
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    nothing is perfect, nothing is finished, and nothing lasts
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    The problem is not the problem. Your attitude to the problem is the problem
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    wabi" means simplicity.

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