Cranky Fitness: Exercise Your Ass Off, Jan Graham
Jan Graham

Cranky Fitness: Exercise Your Ass Off

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Are you looking for an upbeat, enthusiastic fitness book offering inspirational advice about exercise and explaining just how easy, fun, and rewarding it is to get fit?

That's unfortunate! Because you won't find any of that stuff here.

Based on the blog Cranky Fitness, this ebook offers realistic, practical advice on how to get fit, lean, and fierce. It also includes obscenities, whining, opinionated tirades, and advice that could either be extremely useful or could result in an untimely death.

Bonus: there are bullet points and photos that break up solid blocks of text quite nicely so that you can make your way through it quickly! You might accidentally learn a few things whether you meant to or not.

Cranky Fitness: Exercise Your Ass Off is not for everyone. There are words that have several syllables, research studies that have numbers in them, and exercise tips that require more than ten minutes and don't even guarantee instant flat abs or buns of titanium. The book was written for people who know that getting fit is crucial for health, both physical and mental, yet who are also aware that sometimes virtuous pursuits require effort, creativity, patience, and cursing.

This ebook includes advice on getting fit, some specifics about various activities you might want to pursue, a bit of motivation and inspiration, and a few advanced tweaks and tips. It is the first in a series of ebooks that promises to be every bit as weird as this first installment. Only for the few, the proud, the brave, and the cranky.
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You can do your strength training at home or in a gym.
Or, well, you can do it on the train. You can do it in the rain! You can do it at the park… you can do it after dark. If no one nearby cares, you can do it on the stairs. If you’re careful about placement, you can do it in the basement! Depending on your mood, you can do it in the nude. If you’re not a stingy tipper, you can do it with a stripper. With a little bit of luck, you can do it while you…
Oops, sorry. We seem to be heading very steadily downhill.

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