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Make Money From Home with Freelancing & Passive Income (2 in 1 Bundle)

Attention fellow entrepreneurs!
Are you looking for ways to make more money online?
The problem at the moment is you end up spending money on new approaches that don't pan out.
It would be good to earn some revenue online without having to pay an arm and a leg to get started.
In this book bundle you will be guided through valuable step-by-step systems to launch your new online career and begin making real money.
Inside you will learn:
Freelancing On Upwork:
• How to get your first Job
• How to bid
• Tips to beat the competition
• How to respond to interviews
• How to prepare for an interview so that you succeed at making a positive connection with the potential client
• How to avoid negative feedback
Passive Income Streams:
• How to keep costs to a minimum while maximizing revenue
• Invaluable market research techniques
• How to pick viable niches and products
• Publishing eBooks
• Monetizing niche blogs
• Develpoing YouTube content for ad revenue and promotion
• Creating online courses
• Creating affiliate program and dropshipping eCommerce stores
• How to layer it all together
You can take the information in these guides to build your own online career, or you can do what most people do and never take that first step in a new direction.
The choice is yours.
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