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Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training For Women

A unique guide, reference work and graphic education tool suitable for any woman interested in understanding how her body functions during exercise and in formulating a personal exercise program.
Over 90 exercises that will help you sculpt your entire body, ranging from free-weights and fixed weights to routines
employing machines and aerobics.
All exercises accompanied by detailed anatomical illustrations that show exactly which muscles are being used and how.
Comprehensive separate sections covering the abdominals, chest, legs and hips, back and shoulders and arms.
Unique fitness assessment tests to help you construct your own personal exercise program, whatever your fitness level, body shape and life stage.
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    Proper running footwear is essential. Jogging implies a slower, more leisurely pace compared with running: in jogging the emphasis is on distance, in running the emphasis is on speed
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    Research in the last ten years has made it clear that a woman’s body should be exercised differently from a man’s. Additionally, due to the physiological differences and the distinct cycles of a woman’s life, her training programme should be adjusted to suit her body type and transformations as she moves through the various life stages.
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