Lizbeth Dusseau

Poor Little Rich Slut

The girl's got everything…good looks, wealth, a hard-won MBA, and yet, the heiress Eleanor Rule is floundering in her new job running one of her Daddy's hottest trendy magazines. When her colleague, the sexy scoundrel Garrison Tate suggests it's time the prim virgin got laid…she's shocked by the rude suggestion. And yet, his startling declaration suddenly opens a door of desire in the naive young woman that's filled with raw sexual energy and everything from exhibitionist to punishment to hardcore submissive fantasies. Soon overwhelmed by the truth, she confesses her darkest secrets to Garrison. He boldly suggests she put her sexual initiation in his hands, never expecting that she'll actually agree to his plan. To his surprise, the eager heiress is more than ready to accept. But will Garrison's cure for her stifling repression be more than she bargained for? Agreeing to do everything she's told, Ellie's ordered to dress to please the man and respond instantly to his orders — even when it means she must strip in his office and crawl to his feet. She gets punished for the slightest error and even submits to a caning from her own housemaid Angelica — after she seduces the voluptuous maid on Garrison's orders. There seems no end to the raunchy sex he arranges for his needy boss. She has sex in the woods, in the office and while bound to a bed in the attic of her Daddy's house. Soon, she's being punished in the office by another of her colleagues. Then at a hard core S&M erotic ball, the masked Eleanor becomes a caged and humiliated submissive, forced to slither on the floor to earn the right to cum. All this hot submission is heaven for the sexually awakening Eleanor. But to her surprise, Garrison has a sudden, inexplicable change of heart. Could it be that he wants more than their raunchy sex games? Though hurt, the lust-driven Ellie is not about to stop.
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