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Successful Author FAQs

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Do you have questions about writing? Publishing?

With over three decades of experience as a publisher, editor, author, and freelance writer, Peter Lyle DeHaan has answers to questions writers commonly ask. He'll help you move forward on your writing journey.

On this grand adventure:

— Learn why you shouldn't call yourself an aspiring writer.

— Uncover tips to deal with rejection.

— Expose writing advice that may not be true.

— Discover how to self-edit, get feedback, and find an editor.

— Determine if being a writer is worth the effort.

But there's more. In fifteen topical chapters, tackling over one hundred questions, Peter will address finding time to write, publishing options, and platform considerations. He talks about blogging and marketing. And he weighs in on the traditional vs indie publishing debate.

There are also loads of writing tips, submission pointers, and a publishing checklist.

Be inspired. Be informed. Be motivated to become the writer you've always dreamed of.

Don't delay your writing journey any longer. Take the next step.

Read Successful Author FAQs to explore the art of writing and the business of publishing.
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