Aiden Sisko

The Ultimate Business Competition Guide : Reverse Engineer The Competition And Make 'em Eat Your Dust!

(excerpt)If you gain a thorough understanding of the dynamics of competition in your  industry, you can easily develop a custom-fit, yet highly effective business strategy by answering one simple question: Are there any obstacles stopping you from doing things, other companies cannot!If you answered “yes” to this question, you are going to find strategizing to be a critical aspect of your business model. Any profits made will be directly related to the level of skill you display in defensive strategy, as well as in your management techniques. Always be prepared to engage in the identification, understanding, anticipation, and influence!  Table of Contents Introductions Do You Have a Competitive Advantage? Economies of Scales Branding Competitive advantages Fixing costs across a very wide span to gain competitive advantage The core elements of efficiency include: The need for efficiency can be seen clearly in the following: Optimizations and efficiency You have to upcharge. There is expense when differentiation is involved. Is There Any Individual Firm or Company that is Dominant? Game Theory: Bargaining and Cooperation Tactics “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” Implement Reward Systems Keep Away From Comparing Products on a Direct Basis Interact socially in your industry Develop Perk programs and Loyalty programs for your customers Developing an industry agreement Limit the amount of output in the market Establish your own individual practices in regard to pricing Pre-emption and Techniques of Entry Strategies for the Newcomers/Challengers Create and introduce a clear, easy to comprehend Statement of Intent Make a decision as to which are of the market you will set your focus on as your main target. The marketplace industry is, at times, made more difficult by the very presence of incumbents The higher the number, the more trouble you may have. Full Speed Ahead or to Proceed With Caution Strategies for the Incumbent Be Willing to Reply Appropriately and In Kind Leave No Stone Unturned, and No Spot Unchecked Keep extra product on hand, and maintain a large capacity for production Be clear through the use of the media Is Your Company the Dominant Entity in the Industry? When It Comes To Management & Forming Our Competitive Advantage, Are We Giving It All We’ve Got?
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    These should place a greater amount of importance on profitability rather than on the amount of sales growth seen. If a firm utilizes a system that only rewards the sales made or the gains made in the market, the focus will continue to be on sales
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