Aiden Sisko

The Ultimate Guide On How to Be Naturally Persuasive

Today we are going to be talking about a special way of influencing or persuasion that is not so much about the tactics and strategies but is as effective if not more so than manipulation! This will allow you to be influential more easily and effortlessly! You'll just naturally become charismatic, highly persuasive to people without even trying too hard!This is especially useful to communications and persuasion professionals who have accumulated every tool available in the persuasion space and now require something special to take it to the next level. By fixing inner game, or his intentions, he can, if he chooses use those proven persuasion tools in his current toolbox and make it much stronger by understanding the principles in this book.CONTENTS IntroductionMetamessageSuggested meta-meaningsRelationship dynamicsQuality of products and servicesQuality of workOver delivering on expectationsNeed to UnderplayPrinciple of reciprocityProviding Real valueInstitutionalized versus Individualized entitiesInvisible yet quite noticeable effortsE very customer is a special snowflakeUSP or unique selling propositionUsing in your marketingSome basic things before you beginA genuine desire to helpBeing the problems solverBringing forth an inspired performanceHow to develop this kind of performance?Faith in a clear outcomeTotal commitmentRallying the troopsGod is in the detailsMore about costsHandling clientsAlways be professionalThe mechanicShowing respectActive listeningBuyer justificationsInvisible decision-makersVulnerabilities and imperfectionsSmile oftenThinking before you speak
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