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Wame Molefhe

Go Tell the Sun

WAME MOLEFHE's stories have a gentle, unassuming yet intimate and captivating feel to them. Set in Botswana, the stories trace the lives of characters whose paths cross and re-cross each others', some times in and through love, at other times through tragedy. And through them the author brings to bear a woman's perspective on the societal mores in which sexual abuse, homophobia and AIDS, among others, flourish and spread. The social content and views are never proclaimed as a loud agenda; instead, it forms a 'natural' backdrop to the lives of the characters, something that may raise a wry comment or thought in one character, while eliciting a mere shrug from another. Molefhe's voice is, to some extent, a world-weary voice, weary of all she has seen of society's failures, but never without the gentleness often absent and much needed in broken societies, and never without the hope and redemption that can be found in love and the imagination.
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    the drivers of cars that sped past to give her work.
    “I can wash, clean, do anything,” her eyes begged.
    She would do anything to earn money – except sell her body.
    The day her money
  • Павел Молчановmembuat kutipan8 tahun yang lalu
    Zimbabwe. As she lies next to her husband, she remembers when she first left her country. Armed with her pass
  • Sasha Freymembuat kutipan9 tahun yang lalu
    shawl across her sh

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