Guy Mankowski

The Intimates

“A clever conceit and a compelling narrative.” Edward Stourton, BBC Radio 4

«An intricately wrought and enchanting first novel, The Intimates is a measured, literary piece of work as hauntingly evocative of its setting and characters as Marilynne Robinson’s Pulitzer prize winner Housekeeping.” Abigail Tarttellin 

The Intimates believe they are the epitome of glamour. For this group of eclectic friends, life is a playground as they sing, act, and write their way to their dream lifestyles. 
But not is all as it seems.
Invited to celebrate one evening together, there is a sinister undertone that threatens to expose each of these brilliantly talented failures.
Dark secrets unravel, and ugly truths are revealed as each person desperately tries to hide what s buried beneath the shimmering surface. 

Each trapped in a pristine image their masks begin to slip and, for some, start to disintegrate in a way that will alter their lives forever.
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