Jean-Paul Sartre,Martin Heidegger,Martin Buber

The Philosophical Library Existentialism Collection

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Explore the work of three great existential philosophers together in this collection.
Hasidism: Zionist philosopher Martin Buber shares the results of forty years of study and introduces the philosophies of Hasidism to a Western audience. In this modern masterpiece, Buber interprets the ideas and motives that underlie the great Jewish religious movement of Hasidism and its creator, Baal Shem.
Essays in Metaphysics: German philosopher Martin Heidegger presents two lectures in which he explores the nature of identity in the history of metaphysics. He offers illuminating insights on vital issues like technology, religion, language, history, and more.
The Emotions: French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre attempts to understand the role emotions play in the human psyche. Sartre analyzes fear, lust, anguish, and melancholy while asserting that human beings begin to develop emotional capabilities from a very early age, which helps them identify and understand the emotions’ names and qualities later in life.
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    Freedom has to come from a purifying reflection or a total disappearance of the affecting situation.
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    emotion of active sadness in this case is therefore a magical comedy of impotence; the sick person resembles servants who, having brought thieves into their master’s home, have themselves tied up so that it can be clearly seen that they could not have prevented the theft
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    oman has a phobia of bay-trees. As soon as she sees a cluster of bay-trees, she faints. The psychoanalyst discovers in her childhood a painful sexual incident connected with a laurel bush. Therefore, what will the emotion be in such a case? A phenomenon of refusal, of censure. Not of refusal of the bay-tree. A refusal to re-live the memory connected with the bay-tree.

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