Paul Anderson,Adrian Cole,L.F. Falconer,Douglas Draa

The Witches MEGAPACK®: Weirdbook Annual #1

The first Weirdbook Annual — The Witches MEGAPACK® — presents a selection of all-new tales of witches! Included this time are:
“Thou Shalt Not Suffer,” by Matt Neil Hill
“No Holds Bard,” by Adrian Cole
“Laying the Hairy Book,” by Josh Reynolds
“Here Is Where Your Proud Waves Halt,” by Erica Ruppert
“Vicious Circles,” by Paul Dale Anderson
“Assorted Shades of Red,” by Franklyn Searight
“Strange Days in Old Yandrissa,” by John R. Fultz
“Fertility Rites,” by Glynn Owen Barrass
«The Witch’s Heart," by Rachel Bolton
“Hag Race,” by Andre E. Harewood
“Best Friend Becky,” by Wayne Faust
“The Rat in the Rabbit Cage,” by Ashley Dioses
“Two Spells,” by Neva Bryan
“Pulled Over,” by Paul Spears
“The Witch of Skur,” by L.F. Falconer
“Cat and Mouse,” by Duane Pesice
“Last of the Ashiptu,” by Paul Lubaczewski
“Firestorm,” by Richard H. Durisen
“The Witch of Pender,” by John Linwood Grant
“The Nora Witch,” by Brandon Jimison
“The Broken Witch,” by Scott Hutchison

Plus poetry by Maurits Zwankhuizen, Lucy A. Snyder, David F. Daumit, S.L. Edwards, Lori R. Lopez, Frederick J. Mayer, K.A. Opperman, Clay F. Johnson, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Oliver Smith, Darla Klein

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