Adrian Cole,D.C. Lozar,John R. Fultz,Franklyn Searight,Kyla Lee Ward

Weirdbook #44

The 44th issue of Weirdbook is a ghoulish delight of horror and fantasy fiction, with a terrific lineup of original stories and poetry. Stories featured in this issue include:

“Let Me Be Your Swamp Snake,” by Adrian Cole
“A Whisper in the Death Pit,” by Kyla Lee Ward
“Deadest Man in Town,” by Franklyn Searight
“Penumbra Over Millwall,” by Jan Edwards
“Birth,” by M. Stern
«Okiko’s Doll,” by Stefano Frigieri
“Heatseeker,” by Tim Curran
“The Librarian,” by Sharon L. Cullars
“Dream Warriors (1) Team Spirit,” by D.C. Lozar
“Bang!,” by Chris Kuriata
“Death and the Vampire,” by James Dorr
“The Dust of Sages and Fools,” by John R. Fultz
“Push Dagger,” John C. Hocking

Plus a selection of poetry by: Darrell Schweitzer, Allan Rozinski, Lucy A. Snyder, Maxwell I. Gold, Ashley Dioses, Ann K. Schwader, Chad Hensley, Frederick J Mayer, Cindy O’Quinn, and K.A. Opperman
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