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Pitch Anything

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    The frame is like a picture of what you want the interaction to be about. And the most powerful thing about frames? There can be only one dominant frame during any interaction between two people.

    When two frames come together, the stronger frame absorbs the weaker frame.
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    There is a fundamental disconnect between the way we pitch anything and the way it is received by our audience.
    As a result, at the crucial moment, when it is most important to be convincing, nine out of ten times we are not. Our most important messages have a surprisingly low chance of getting through.
    You need to understand why this disconnect occurs in order to overcome it, succeed, and profit.
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    1. Introduce yourself and the big idea: 5 minutes.

    2. Explain the budget and secret sauce: 10 minutes.

    3. Offer the deal: 2 minutes.

    4. Stack frames for a hot cognition: 3 minutes.
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    Get your track record on the table, and do it fast, clean, and problem-free. This is not the place to get hung up with questions, deep conversations, and analysis— there’s still a lot to do.
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    Only one frame wil dominate after the exchange, and the other frames wil be subordinate to the winner. This is what happens below the surface of every business meeting you attend, every sales call you make, and every person-to-person business communication you have.
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    The most important scientific discovery of the twentieth century can be pitched in five minutes. Yet nearly every pitch that I’ve seen—and I see hundreds every year—takes at least 45 minutes and usual y an hour, a ridiculous amount of time!
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    Imagine looking at the world through a window frame that you hold in your hands. As you move the frame around, the sounds and images you encounter are interpreted by your brain in ways that are consistent with your intel igence, values, and ethics. This is your point of view.
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    Another person can look at the same thing through his own frame, and what he hears and sees may differ—by a little or a lot.
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    When frames come together, the first thing they do is col ide. And this isn’t a friendly competition—it’s a death match. Frames don’t merge. They don’t blend. And they don’t intermingle. They collide, and the stronger frame absorbs the weaker.
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    When you become a frame master—and even on your journey to becoming one—you wil have the most fun you’ve ever had.
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    This is a game where you set the rules and then change the rules as needed to maintain your continuous advantage without ever upsetting your opponent.
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    The only rule is that you make the rules that the others fol ow. Because you set the agenda and control the frame, this is a game you can never lose. How could that not be fun?
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    apprenticeship leads to mastery faster than going it alone
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    If you find yourself forcing the method, fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Simply lighten up a little. When you say something that causes a frame col ision, do it with a twinkle in your eye and a smile in your heart. Your target wil feel your good wil and good humor and respond in a positive way
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    Frame-based social dynamics is strong medicine.
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    Becoming a frame master isn’t easy. It takes thought, effort, and wil , but the rewards are substantial. The good news—this is a journey that is fun from the very start, and if you are doing it right, it remains fun. In fact, if at any point you find that you are not having fun, something has gone wrong. Get with a col eague or friend who also knows this stuff and backtrack. See where the train hopped the tracks. I’ve had to do this many times. It’s humbling, but what’s the alternative?
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    Frame control

    Power-busting frame

    Frame col isions


    Beta traps

    Seizing status

    Local star power



    Hot cognition

    Crocodile brain

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    It also signals that framing is a game, and it invites others to join in. If you take the power frame from a “master of the universe” and he or she takes it back from you, is that not a chal enge to improve your game? If you talk to frame masters, they’l tel you that the secret of success is to create tension in a fun way that invites people to join in the frame game.

    I mention this because most buyers/customers/investors wil try to use the power frame on you. You’l see it frequently. Don’t worry. It’s a clumsy frame that is easy to disrupt using power-busting, intrigue, prizing, and time frames.
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    Importantly, the humor is not there to relieve tension. Instead, it’s there to signal that although the tension is real, you are so confident that you can play around a little. Perhaps it’s best to think about it this way: People who have lots of options are not uptight, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.
    Enes Balamembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    Certainly, the purpose of perpetrating denials and defiance is to reframe social situations and to prize—that perhaps you aren’t real y sel ing them but that they need to sell you, that your own time is even more valuable than theirs, that under the circumstances, if they try to beta-trap you, you’re willing to withdraw, that you aren’t automatical y wil ing to take the beta position you’re being led into. But in all this you must use humor as well.
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