Andre Norton

Wizard's Worlds

Imaginative stories of dark powers, courageous heroes, and breathtaking adventure from “one of the pioneer women in science fiction” (Anne McCaffrey).
In a career spanning from the Golden Age of science fiction and fantasy to the modern age, Andre Norton’s brilliant mind and inimitable talents forged an unforgettable legacy in literature. From all-encompassing world-building sagas to charming short stories, her works remain fascinating and compelling reading for lovers of the strange, the surprising, and the wondrous possibilities of human imagination.
This collection of thirteen stories presents the myriad visions of a truly gifted author: “Falcon Blood,” “The Toads of Grimmerdale,” “Changeling,” “Spider Silk,” “Sword of Unbelief,” “Sand Sister,” “Toys of Tamisan,” “Wizard’s Worlds,” “Mousetrap,” “Were-Wrath,” “By a Hair,” “All Cats Are Grey,” and “Swamp Dweller.”
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