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Charlotte E. English

Charlotte E. English is a prolific British fantasy novelist. Her works include the contemporary fantasy series Modern Magick, the detective fantasy series The Malykant Mysteries, and the dreamy historical fantasy Tales of Aylfenhame.

Charlotte E. English was born in Lincoln, UK. She recollects reading her first lengthy book when she was around eight or nine years. The book featured a captivating storyline about witches and courageous children.

Following her parents' divorce, she underwent a long period of isolation from much of the real world and other people. During this period, books became her sanctuary, providing her with an escape from reality and a way to explore it when no other options were available. Charlotte had an insatiable appetite for reading, devouring anything she could get her hands on, with a preference for fantasy and mystery tales.

When Charlotte was seventeen, she began creating her first fantasy worlds and concocting plots. Her father, also a writer of crime thrillers and fiction, has been a huge influence on Charlotte since her late teens.

"Without Dad's encouragement, I might never have written that all-important first novel," Charlotte says. She started as a self-publishing author in 2010.

Charlotte E. English currently lives in the Netherlands.

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