Charlotte E. English

Castle Chansany, Volume 1

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Have you been to Castle Chansany?
Perhaps you’ve heard of it, or somewhere like it.
It’s that airy castle in the clouds, straight out of a dream.
A place where wizards spin marvels from their finger-tips, and the Queen holds banquets deep into the night.
A place of mystery and curiosity, finery and fancy, where even the furniture might talk to you (if you’re polite enough to it).
A place of magic and enchantment, where anything could happen...
Come meet the flamboyant Wizard Garstang and his draconic apprentice, Jessamine.
Meet the mischievous sylphs, feast with Her Majesty the Queen, and leaf through the first-favourite-spellbook.
Or, if you’re very brave, travel Over The Side and down, into the deep, dark forests below...

This collection features the first five tales set in the colourful, light-hearted world of Castle Chansany, including:
The Best of All Chairs
The Far-Below
The Queen’s Philtre
Knight Errantry
Frouse Books
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