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Good Eating's Passover Recipes

Recipes filled with the traditional tastes of Passover—plus a few inventive twists.
Good Eating’s Passover Recipes is a cook’s guide to preparing for the Seder and the rest of the holiday week. This collection includes dozens of mouth-watering dishes from the Chicago Tribune, which has been publishing delicious Passover-friendly recipes for years.
You’ll find the classic staples of any Passover meal, including matzo ball soup, brisket, haroset, gefilte fish, tzimmes, kugel, cakes, and other desserts. There are also variations on traditional recipes and unique entrees and sides—such as caponata, Moroccan meatballs, salmon cakes, and cucumber-wasabi sauce. All recipes can be adapted for varying levels of Kosher for Passover observance practices.
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