Stefan Zugor

Dream Yoga Handbook

*From The Creator/Founder Of ‘HowToLucid’ & The YouTube Channel ‘Lucid Dreaming Experience’ With 141K Subscribers*

Revised version: I've updated this ebook in 2020–2021 to share the most effective and useful lucid dreaming techniques out there. This is a great starting point for learning the basics, and having your FIRST lucid dream as soon as possible.

Explore the incredible world of Dream Yoga, a practice originally restricted to well trained buddhist monks, which you can use to improve your life, experience 'dreamless, conscious sleep' and transcend your feelings, emotions and worries.
BETTER DREAMS — Experience deeper, more meaningful dreams over which you can have complete control and power
DREAM YOGA TECHNIQUES — Learn exciting and proven dream yoga methods and techniques that will let you transcend the dream scene, dream deeper and experience advanced lucid dreaming
OVERCOMING FEARS — Through dream yoga you can overcome phobias and plain and simple remove fears from you mind with dreams!
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Or learn more about us at https://howtolucid.com/about
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