Lizbeth Dusseau

Honeymoon In Bondage

Police Captain Alain Danvers is madly in love with his new bride. But Meredith is quite a handful! When police business forces an early end to their honeymoon, Meri takes off in a rage. To earn her way back into her husband's good graces, she'll need to grovel at his feet. But this is just the beginning. Back at home, Meri is furious when Alain takes on the intimate anal training of a fellow Dominant's newest trainee, Ella. Meri knows the girl is just a conniving faker, and she quickly succumbs to a jealous rage. A tough lesson in surrender follows, with Alain deciding that she'll change places with her rival for a night – Meri will sleep in the maid's room, Ella will be with him. Never has Meri been so humiliated! But it's more than just domestic issues facing this new Dom/sub marriage. At work, Alain is embroiled in a thorny investigation that comes all too close to home when Meri's friend Lydia arrives. She brings nothing but trouble, including a scumbag boyfriend who sets his sight on Meri, in a scheme to frighten Alain into dropping his pursuit of a major crime ring. Meri narrowly escapes a brutal rape – but not before she's cruelly tortured. Alain is forced to send his new bride to a remote hideaway for safekeeping, where she'll be under the skillful domination of his friend Lawrence Underhill. But even there, the submissive beauty is faced with a shocking challenge when her host falls sick and his sly and alluring nephew takes charge of the household. Meri's urgent submissive hunger is about to become her undoing.
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