Pamela Maverick

Yoga: Young & Old Graceful Art

Yoga: Body Harmony blends aspects of ancient history, spirituality and science all together in one concise book!

Readers discover these elements, contrary to popular belief are actually interwoven and intimately connected to one another as a unified system creating what is called “Body Harmony”, which is when the mind, body, and spirit become one.
This enables yoga practitioners co-exist at equilibrium with nature itself, to be one with the universe.
Achieve higher states of consciousness, peace of mind, tranquility, and relieve stress!

What You Learn:

The Origins of Yoga
Metaphysical Aspects
Science of Yoga
Body Harmony

Description and picture diagrams of fundamental yoga poses
Scientific based reasons on how yoga affects human physiology
In depth insights to the practice of yoga
Exquisite history
What Makes This Book Different From The Rest?

Quality content that not only teaches you fundamental posses with detailed picture diagrams, but also holistically addresses various aspects of yoga blending in intriguing science, rich ancient history, and spirituality into one concise and easy to read book.
What are you waiting for? Get your copy now! Become an enlightened yoga practitioner in no time.
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