Cosmin Baiu

Financial Analysis For Everyone

This books targets not only the specialists, but anyone interested in understanding the philosophy behind the financial analysis. Written in a language accesible to everyone, the book offers more than 50 examples and case studies inspired from reality, based on the personal experience of the author.

The Author takes the opportunity to describe uncompromisingly not only the financial banking activity, but also entreprenorial behavioral patterns, in order to educate and develop the Reader.

For the young university graduates, for bank employees and also for entrepreneurs, this unique book is incredibly useful, in a market dominated by theoretical writings.

Cosmin BAIU has worked for over 20 years for top banks at European level, being nominated for top executive positions, also taking part in multiple Credit Committees. He has an experience which combines the retail and corporate financial analysis with many years of Executive Sales & Customer care positions, which allows him to have a complete and unique view over the financial banking world.
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    The fixed assets contain the totality of patents, licenses, trademarks, lands, buildings, equipment and transportation means (vehicles), equity participations and long-term receivables that a company owns.
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