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Aminatta Forna

The Hired Man

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Gost is surrounded by mountains and fields of wild flowers. The summer sun burns. The Croatian winter brings freezing winds. Beyond the boundaries of the town an old house which has lain empty for years is showing signs of life. One of the windows, glass darkened with dirt, today stands open, and the lively chatter of English voices carries across the fallow fields. Laura and her teenage children have arrived.A short distance away lies the hut of Duro Kolak who lives alone with his two hunting dogs. As he helps Laura with repairs to the old house, they uncover a mosaic beneath the ruined plaster and, in the rising heat of summer, painstakingly restore it. But Gost is not all it seems; conflicts long past still suppurate beneath the scars.
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    Fantastic and awesome apps as I have ever seen in my life


  • sophiapeng98membuat kutipan8 tahun yang lalu
    I thought about Anka and I felt the ember of hope that has burned inside me for years, that Anka is out there somewhere, that she took the boy’s rifle and used it to stay alive, that one day she’ll come back to Gost.
  • sophiapeng98membuat kutipan8 tahun yang lalu
    The night was warm, the air that slipped past me into the room brought with it the scent of the night, clean and fragrant.
  • sophiapeng98membuat kutipan8 tahun yang lalu
    That Kos was dead was a matter of fact, which couldn’t be changed.

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