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Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches

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Interested in learning more about magic and science?

I may have written a novel, but I’m still a history professor! Here are some reading suggestions for those of you whose curiosity has been stirred up by the story of Diana Bishop, Matthew Clairmont, and the hunt for the missing alchemical manuscript Ashmole 782. All of the titles here are non-fiction, and inspired some aspect of A Discovery of Witches.

Elias Ashmole,

Janet Browne,

Owen Davies,

Carol Karlsen,

Robert Kehew, Ezra Pound, and W. D. Snodgrass,

Bruce Moran’s

Alexander Roob,

Lyndal Roper, A Discovery of Witches because it helped me understand how the belief in witches influenced the imagination. Many of the notions we have about witchcraft today have their roots in these terrifying fantasies.

James Sharpe,

Bryan Sykes,

—Deborah Harkness (Photo of Deborah Harkness © Marion Ettlinger)

From Publishers WeeklyIn Harkness’s lively debut, witches, vampires, and demons outnumber humans at Oxford’s Bodleian Library, where witch and Yale historian Diana Bishop discovers an enchanted manuscript, attracting the attention of 1,500-year-old vampire Matthew Clairmont. The orphaned daughter of two powerful witches, Bishop prefers intellect, but relies on magic when her discovery of a palimpsest documenting the origin of supernatural species releases an assortment of undead who threaten, stalk, and harass her. Against all occult social propriety, Bishop turns for protection to tall, dark, bloodsucking man-about-town Clairmont. Their research raises questions of evolution and extinction among the living dead, and their romance awakens centuries-old enmities. Harkness imagines a crowded universe where normal and paranormal creatures observe a tenuous peace. «Magic is desire made real,» Bishop says after both her desire and magical prowess exceed her expectations. Harkness brings this world to vibrant life and makes the most of the growing popularity of gothic adventure with an ending that keeps the Old Lodge door wide open. (Feb.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
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  • Dannimembagikan kesan5 tahun yang lalu
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    Well, it’s certainly different from the series but I am loving both for different things. The books are more attentive to details, like straightforwardly telling the reasons behind every situation, while the series are more evasive on a number of those. And it’s cool. I am enjoying the books ))

  • pewpewhaiyahhmembagikan kesan4 tahun yang lalu
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    It's truly thrilling & fun to read. A must read for fantasy -book lover.

  • Marquetta Quinnmembagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu
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  • Ana Laura Pérezmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    “How did you decide what to serve for dinner tonight?” He gestured at the berries and nuts that were left from the meal.
    “Well, it wasn’t magic. The zoology department helped a lot,” I explained.
    He looked startled, then roared with laughter. “You asked the zoology department what to make me for dinner?”
    “Not exactly,” I said defensively. “There were raw-food recipes on the Net, but I got stuck after I bought the meat. They told me what gray wolves ate.”
    Matthew shook his head, but he was still smiling, and my irritation dissolved. “Thank you,” he said simply. “It’s been a very long time since someone made me a meal.”
  • Ana Laura Pérezmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    “If food doesn’t taste good, why do you keep inviting me out to eat?” I asked.
    Matthew’s eyes flicked over my cheeks, my eyes, and lingered on my mouth. “It’s easier to be around you when you’re eating. The smell of cooked food nauseates me.”
    I blinked at him, still confused.
    “As long as I’m nauseated, I’m not hungry,” Matthew said, his voice exasperated.
    “Oh!” The pieces clicked together. I already knew he liked the way I smelled. Apparently that made him hungry.
    Oh. I flushed.
  • Ana Laura Pérezmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    “Vampires aren’t particularly good at friendship.” He sounded angry again.
    “Look, if you want me to leave you alone—”
    “Of course not,” Matthew interrupted. “It’s just that vampire relationships are . . . complicated. We can be protective—possessive, even. You might not like it.”
    “A little protectiveness sounds pretty good to me about now.”
    My answer brought a look of raw vulnerability to Matthew’s eyes. “I’ll remind you of that when you start complaining,” he said, the rawness quickly replaced with wry amusement.

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