Fiona Brennan

Sleep Well

Transform your sleep, Transform your life.
Imagine getting into bed every evening and drifting off quickly into a deep and restorative sleep, awakening refreshed and glowing with life and vitality. You feel calm and powerful and you know that you can cope with anything that comes your way. It is time to meet your best-slept self!
Over the course of the eight-week Sleep Well programme, you will learn the surprising and effective habits necessary to optimise the length and quality of your sleep and transform your relationship with rest, resulting in long-term benefits to your health, mood and productivity. The unique blend of hypnotherapy, spirituality and sleep science will help you to wake up fully to who you are and develop faith in your innate ability to get to and stay asleep — every night.
'A much-needed compassionate and insightful guide to promoting restful sleep.' LUCY WOLFE, SLEEP CONSULTANT
'A map to guide you toward a lifetime of beautiful, restorative, restful sleep.' DERMOT WHELAN
''Sleep Well is a wonderfully practical, easy-to-read book that will immediately improve your sleep length and quality … a scientifically grounded masterpiece.' DR ROBERT KELLY, CARDIOLOGIST
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