Gail McMeekin

The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women

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    I need freedom, independence, and a series of creative projects to work on in order to be happy.
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    Even if you are currently working for someone else, you need to think of yourself as an enterprise.
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    creativity is not only a part of success
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    who do you know who is successful at the personality or professional traits that you are weakest in? Seek them out.
    Who has felt to you like a “critic” in the past, whose advice turned out to be right? Talk to that person.
    Identify a great idea you are interested in doing, and ask for objective advice from people with different va
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    Note down what interests you on a daily basis.
    Look for the patterns and themes over a two-week period.
    Talk to people who share those same interests, and see if you can determine whether or not this is a hobby or a potential vocational track for you.
    Experiment with something at the top of your interest list—take a class, try it on your own, or read about it.
    Zero in on how to incorporate this interest into your current career or what steps you would need to take to start a business, or just indulge this interest as a personal pursuit.
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    All three people are showing signs of burnout, but are also ready to grow
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    hat do you do when you get burned out or lose your spunk? In the past few months I have seen so many clients and talked with numerous colleagues, all of whom were complaining about feeling disconnected from their life purpose. “The passion is just gone
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    em with your Excitement List, and by having novel and interesting adventures every week to stimulate new ways of thinking.
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    Start by keeping an Excitement List. For two weeks, write down anything that excites you—a color, a word, a concept, a person— and then have someone help you look at the patterns.
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    You must develop a decision-making process for yourself, which is why a coach or a mentor is essential.
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    Describe the ideal environment for your creative process. Imagine it in all its detail. What distracts and what stimulates you? Are you alone or with others? Is there music playing? Are you outdoors? What tools do you need? Are you at home or at a quaint inn? Knowing what sparks your creative fire allows you to make that space. Lots of creative people talk about having a studio or room of their own.
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    Write down all the things, people, places, activities, or thoughts that diminish your creative energy. What would you like to subtract from your life that interferes with the clarity of your intuitive channel?
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    Exercise Five: Creative Stimuli
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    Mentors, support groups, classes, coaches, and readings all offer support systems that can undo the demons from the past. Figure out what solutions will most help your fear to stay in the background, and use them.
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    I pick up a book called Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers by Susan Shaughnessy. Writing often feels dangerous to me, and reading about another writer's similar terrors helps me to forget my doubt
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    I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint—and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of a service, working hard, and allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”

    Her birimizin bir parmak izi kadar eşsiz kişisel bir çağrısı olduğuna ve başarılı olmanın en iyi yolunun sevdiğiniz şeyi keşfetmek ve sonra da başkalarına bir hizmet şeklinde sunmanın bir yolunu bulmak, çok çalışmak ve evrenin enerjisinin sizi yönlendirmesine izin vermek olduğuna inanmaya başladım."

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    Crafting a Business Plan That Helps You to Grow Personally, Generates Prosperity, and Enhances Your Lifestyle
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