Gail McMeekin

Gail McMeekin is an author, career coach, mentor, and consultant who has written several books on career development, creativity, and women's empowerment. She is best known for her non-fiction best-seller, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor (2000).

According to her LinkedIn profile, Gail McMeekin received a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Boston University in 1980. She also completed a postgraduate program in Expressive Therapies at Lesley University in 1985.

McMeekin has worked as a therapist, career coach, and workshop leader for over 30 years. She has been in the personal empowerment business since 1976

Gail McMeekin is the founder of Creative Success (since 1982), a coaching and consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. McMeekin's work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Oprah Magazine.

"I became outraged that there were not positive, viable role models for modern-day, sane, creative women, so I wrote my first book," Gail McMeekin says about her debut.

The guide The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor (Conari Press) appeared in March of 2000, and its first printing sold out in 8 weeks and has been a best-seller.

In 2001, Conari Press published her second book, The Power of Positive Choices: Adding and Subtracting Your Way to a Great Life. Since then, she has published three more e-Books: The Path to Creative Success and Boost Your Creativity, Productivity, and Profits in 21 Steps, and the Creativity Courage Cards, which are both an e-book and a deck of printed cards.

Gail McMeekin currently lives in Orleans, Massachusetts.

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Ideaphoria is an important aspect of creativity, but originality, flexibility, and elaboration are important too. The ideaphoria part is often about word association, fantasy, storytelling, and analogies, linking unrelated things.
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Your best security is to grow yourself. You need to follow a special path for creative success. It will reawaken that creative little girl who either got squelched or silenced or went out on the creative path with the wrong guidance and has been stumbling along
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Yet fulfillment in life means knowing what we want while appreciating what we already have and having the self-worth to think independently and create a life that's original


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