Scott Green

You are You

We were made exceptional, and however we resemble other people in some ways, we are additionally dissimilar to other individuals. If we were much the same as every other person, then everybody will be a duplicate of each other with no distinction or masterful sense. Humankind will go extinct, even monkeys and different creatures have unique species with confirmed differences.

You and I are different, not at all like each other. We can't resemble one another in all ways, we must act instinctively according to our unique biological makeup. “I am me. There is nobody else like me.” So “You are youThere’s nobody like you.” This is the cry of a maverick, one who is distinctive and particular from the rest

Be that as it may, don't simply be content with being natural, obviously be a superior you!


We are all extraordinary! You know you don't need to be a scientific genius to know this. In any case, with regards to managing the general population who don't have a similar identity like yours, how might you respond?

That is the reason the Enneagram of Personality is such an important subject to embrace. With the differing qualities of humanity, it is more vital to figure out how to comprehend other individuals and see how they function. Try not to attempt to change yourself to fit into their lifestyle nor attempt to change them to match your own, it is not what we are called to do.

If you don't have any real acquaintance with yourself, it's hard to start understanding others. When you know yourself, you will have the ability to understand how other individuals function, thus sparing you a ton of disappointment when managing people who are from various sorts or having different personalty.

This book is a summit of years of study, examination of human brain research and individual experiences enthused together. What works for one may not work for another, and similarly, you could possibly concur with a portion of the outcome whether it is relating to your current dilemma or not, it is only for self-identity purposes with no expectation to affront nor criticize.

Kindly don't get worked up when your result shows up in light of the fact that life is a procedure of disclosure and a steady adventure. You may be different ten years down the line, you will never know.

Also, on the off chance that whatever else matters, realize that carrying on with a successful life includes connections with other individuals which are regularly truly demanding in light of the fact that we don't comprehend them.

Suffice to know for the time being, that perusing this book will open your brain if you let it – take notes of important details and be sure to mess around with it!

Prepare to open your mind and explore the hidden secrets and potentials in the meantime!

Dive deep into understanding yourself to the core and seeking your origin.
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