Paul Stanley

A Devious War

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In China, two young scientists, Ru and Mei Lien are tasked to finalise the production of a new and lethal biological weapon, soon realising the dangers to the world if it ever falls into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Sean Docherty, ex-army now working for Ml6, has been assigned to investigate the rumoured production of a deadly weapon in the Far East. With his old friend James Horton, they soon discover that the threat comes as well from closer to home. The CIA soon becomes involved as the web widens to the USA.

The trail quickly takes Sean to Hong Kong, where he collaborates with his Ml6 colleagues. He and the team race against time to uncover and decipher whether it truly is the lethal weapon first suspected.

As things come to a climax, the ambitious director of the Chinese laboratory is found dead, and a dark plot is hatched to throw the world into a downward spiral. With time running out, Sean must battle to save the scientists from also being killed.

A gripping story of evil, love, and friendship.

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