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Paul Stanley

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The New York Times bestselling author and front man and rhythm guitarist of KISS grants fans an all-access backstage pass to his personal life and shows them how to pursue a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of their own, offering hard-won advice from a music legend.
In this follow-up to his popular bestseller Face the Music, the Starchild takes us behind the scenes, revealing what he’s learned from a lifetime as the driving force of KISS, and how he brings his unique sensibility not only to his music career but to every area of his life—from business to parenting to health and happiness.
Backstage Pass takes you beyond the makeup as Paul shares fascinating details about his life—his fitness routine, philosophy, business principles, how he maintains his inspiration, passion, and joy after nearly 50 years of mega success including selling out tours, 100 million albums sold and an art career that has amassed over 10 million dollars in sales.
Divulging more true stories of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s relationships, hardships, and pivotal moments, it also contains intimate four-color, never-before-seen photos from Paul’s personal collection, and offers surprising lessons on the discipline and hard work that have made him one of the healthiest and most successful rock ‘n’ roll icons in history.
This is the book for fans who love living large, but also want to take control and move ahead in everyday life. Paul shows you how you can rock ‘n’ roll all night and party every day—without missing a beat.
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  • Carlos Castillo Novelomembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Fortunately, I’m more than content. I’m thrilled with life. My life has exceeded anything I ever could have hoped for. Only when we live and set goals and learn things along the way do we have any idea of what is possible. We have to experience life to know its potential.
  • Carlos Castillo Novelomembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    I rarely respond to stuff like that, but this time I did.

    To the whiners,

    The hundreds of thousands who will love seeing the Eagles on this tour don’t care about you, and will have a great time while you whine about which and what band isn’t meeting your criteria. In a world where someone else is happy, your unhappiness doesn’t matter
  • Carlos Castillo Novelomembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    At this point in my life, all of the amazing creative outlets I have make me feel good. I’d like to say they make me feel young, but that wouldn’t be accurate—because I didn’t have them when I was young.

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