Cassandra Parkin

Lily's House

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'Parkin is a wonderful writer with a painterly eye for detail — lush gardens, lashing seas — and a way of slowly releasing key facts… There are some brilliant twists.'

-Wendy Holden, Daily Mail

When Jen goes to her grandmother's house for the last time, she's determined not to dwell on the past. As a child, Jen adored Lily and suspected she might be a witch; but the spell was broken long ago, and now her death means there won't be any reconciliation.
Lily's gone, but the enchantments she wove and the secrets she kept still remain. In Lily's house, Jen and her daughter Marianne reluctantly confront the secrets of the past and present — and discover how dangerous we become when we're trying to protect the ones we love.

What Reviewers and Readers Say:

Lily's House has a voice that leaps out of the page and holds you tight. Fresh. Original. Spell-binding.'  
Jane Corry, author of My Husband's Wife

'Lily's House is a beautiful story that carefully unravels the depth of love and lies in a family. Cassandra's writing pulled me in from the first page and wouldn't let me go until I'd finished. Even then it stayed with me for a long time.'
Heidi Perks, author of Beneath the Surface

'Unexpectedly dark and dream-like. I loved the twists throughout… a very enjoyable read.'
Natalie K. Martin, No.1 Amazon best-selling author

'Lily's House is a beautiful, rich, haunting and addictive read. Cassandra Parkin effortlessly weaves magic in this story of long-gone secrets, self-discovery, empowerment, and love. The book is assured, mature… a masterpiece. I'll never forget it.'
Louise Beech, author of How to be Brave

'If you are looking for a real page turner of a novel, then this is the book for you… with twists and turns which are both unexpected and wonderful to read.'
A Nose for Food
'Lily's House is a perfect book. I loved every word and simply want to go right back and read it all again.'
Linda's Book Bag
'First impressions can be unexpectedly deceptive. That gorgeous cover cleverly conceals a darkness… I find it astonishing how words can stealthily raise ugly issues to such powerful effect, yet remain so beautifully written.'
Little Bookness Lane

'Lily's House was a wonder to read and a book I could scarcely put down — Parkin's writing reeled me in and kept hold of me from start to finish.'
Mari Ellis Dunning

'I would recommend Cassandra Parkin and the wonderful Lily's House to anyone as ultimately it is about hope and love in their truest forms.'
Fenland Book Worm

'An enchanting, quirky and often surprising tale of unconditional love between a grandmother and granddaughter.'
Mad House Family Reviews

'A real page-turner'

'A beautiful, original story that entranced me from page one.'
Random Things Through My Letterbox

'A really special book'
Being Anne

'A surprisingly dark read'
A View from the Balcony

'I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I closed the last page with a satisfied sigh, regretting only that the journey was over. A truly enjoyable read, one of my favourites this year.'
But Books are Better

'I adored this book… a very special book indeed.'
Brew and Books Review

‘…wonderfully poignant and important novel… clever and arresting’
Literature Work

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