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Negotiation--whether brokering a deal, mediating a dispute, or writing up a contract--is both a necessary and challenging aspect of business life. This guide helps managers to sharpen their skills and become more effective deal makers in any situation.
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    Stoyan Topalovmembuat kutipantahun lalu
    Keep your eyes on the speaker.
    Take notes as appropriate.
    Don’t allow yourself to think about anything but what the speaker is saying.
    Resist the urge to formulate your response until after the speaker has finished.
    Pay attention to the speaker’s body language.
    Ask questions to get more information and to encourage the speaker to continue.
    Repeat in your own words what you’ve heard to ensure that you understand and to let the speaker know that you’ve processed his or her words.
    Continue your relationship-building efforts even after the negotiating has begun. Show empathy, respect, and courtesy throughout the proceedings. Always remember that the other side consists of human beings with feelings, limits, and vulnerabilities.
    Refrain from personal attacks. Don’t accuse or blame. Maintain a sense of humor.
    When an issue seems to make another negotiator tense, acknowledge the thorniness of the issue.
    Don’t feel pressured to close a deal too quickly. Instead, generate options that offer mutual gain.
    Asim Syedmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Any successful negotiation must have a fundamental framework based on knowing the following:
    Asim Syedmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    The alternative to negotiation

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