BBW Romance & BBW Erotica: Romance Short Stories Collection

You'll find inside: Story I Kenneth appears to be the man who can truly explore Sarah's deepest desires. She expected a romantic dinner with a splurge of gourmet food from Kenneth on Valentine's day, but the story takes on a whole new dimension… Story II Barbara finds herself in desperate need of some exciting Valentine adventure when she stumbles upon a stranger named Edward Bell on Facebook. She just doesn't expect her Valentine adventure to come in the shape of a stranger who seems to know her shoe size & the name of her favorite shoe brand by heart… Story III Callie a big and beautiful woman who feels not very sexy & confident about herself on a day like this because she has no reason to believe in such a stupid holiday & because her extroverted girl friend always steals her the show finds herself piled up in work & slaving away in her cake catering business… Story IV Break-ups are always rough, but they're even worse when they happen right before Valentine's…
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