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Constance Garnett

  • guillerma guillermamembuat kutipan6 bulan yang lalu
    He felt utterly broken: darkness and confusion were in his soul.
  • Liamembuat kutipan6 bulan yang lalu
    I am talking too much. It’s because I chatter that I do nothing. Or perhaps it is that I chatter because I do nothing
  • aishath asy hussainmembuat kutipan5 bulan yang lalu
    He had become so completely absorbed in himself, and isolated from his fellows that he dreaded meeting, not only his landlady, but anyone at all.
  • b3749836858membuat kutipan18 hari yang lalu
    Why am I going there now? Am I capable of that? Is that serious? It is not serious at all. It’s simply a fantasy to amuse myself; a plaything! Yes, maybe it is a plaything.”
  • b3749836858membuat kutipan18 hari yang lalu
    Soon he sank into deep thought, or more accurately speaking into a complete blankness of mind;
  • b3749836858membuat kutipan17 hari yang lalu
    At these moments he would become conscious that his ideas were sometimes in a tangle
  • Arooma Zehramembuat kutipanbulan lalu
    “Let you go? You dare tell me to let you go? Do you know what I’ll do with you directly? I’ll pick you up, tie you up in a bundle, carry you home under my arm and lock you up!”
  • Arooma Zehramembuat kutipanbulan lalu
    Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth,”
  • Arooma Zehramembuat kutipanbulan lalu
    Then a man may do nothing but harm to his neighbour in this world, and is prevented from doing the tiniest bit of good by trivial conventional formalities.
  • Alexa Gracemembuat kutipan19 hari yang lalu
    It would be interesting to know what it is men are most afraid of.
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