A Lesson in Fashion

Nico Novito
Nico Novito
An inside look at some of the most legendary figures in fashion history—from highly influential couturiers to globally powerful editors.
This old essay by Charles Dudley Warner traces fashion—clothing, essentially—in the history of literature prior to the 20th century. A fascinating read for those who have equal love for literature and fashion.
No other fashion editors in the 20th century seem to wield an outsize influence within the industry—as well as in the realms of art and pop culture—as Diana Vreeland. This well-researched biography provides us with a glimpse on the glamorous and at times volatile life of the editrix, ranging from her magazine-editing time (she was the editor-in-chief of both Harper's Bazaar and Vogue) to her later years consulting for the Costume Institute in New York's Metropolitan Museum.
The flame-haired, feline-loving Grace Coddington has been described as one of the best stylists in the industry, Now in her 70s, she is famous for her works for American Vogue, where she has styled many memorable shoots photographed by the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier. This lovely memoir traces her story from her childhood in Wales through her glamorous days as a model in the UK until she became a highly respected—and much beloved—fashion editor of our times.
A great primer on the late Alexander McQueen, a trailblazing British designer whose often controversial designs (think his "Highland Rape" collection or the rear-showing bumster pants) never ceased to provoke the fashion world.
The perfectly coiffed bob hair, the ever-present sunglasses, the pristine Chanel suit. Who doesn't know the enigmatic high priestess of fashion, Anna Wintour? The powerful Vogue editor might still be a mystery to most of us, but this (unauthorized) biography reveals intriguing tidbits about her and her dedication to fashion.
An exhaustively researched biography on Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a trailblazing female designer who single-handedly transformed the way women dress in the early twentieth century. This book looks behind the dress and unveils some fascinating, if controversial, facts about Chanel—from her numerous love affairs to her creative force within the fashion and modern art realms. A nuanced portrait of an amazing woman whose every action was always ahead of her time.
Christian Dior revolutionized fashion when he introduced the post-war New Look designs in the late 1940s. The French couturier continued to have a significant hold on the industry well until his passing, and until today, his name—and brand—is still synonymous with the notion of Parisian glamour. In this autobiography, Monsieur Dior (as he was known by his atelier workers) recounted his personal life while describing his trove of inspirations and creative processes. A must-read for those curious about the inner mind of fashion's most celebrated name.
Dior by Dior, Christian Dior
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