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Teman, editor, dan pakar dapat membantu Anda menemukan buku baru dan menarik.

Baca kapan saja, di mana saja

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Bookmate – aplikasi yang membuat Anda ingin membaca
Collections of thrilling mystery novels that i enjoyed reading while speculating it's storyline and twisted ending!
This book gives me chills every time i read the undoubtedly beautiful words and descriptions.
At first, i never knew this book is worth the read. One of my roommate offer me this book a long time ago and she told me it's a nice thriller book.

I gave it a try these past month, and i don't regret it.

If you love heavier thriller, mystery and detectives kind of book with a touch of political and economic commentary, give this one a try. It'll challenge you with twisted mind-game!
This is my first ever thriller/mystery novel. A friend of mine recommended me this book for a thriller-rookie. Safe to say, i continue reading thriller after done reading this one. I couldn't stop flipping the pages! I'll pass my friend's words to thriller-rookies out there.

This book is a must read, especially if you really interested to memory-games :-p
This book is my benchmark of any thriller and mystery novel. I love everything about this novel and the plots as well.

A must read before you watch the movie!
Love how this book allows me to solve the mystery of a dead neighbor dog through the eyes of an autistic boy who pays attention to the details of our world.
The multiple perspecitves in this novel is the thing that drives me to keep on turning the pages. Beautifully written and of course jaw dropping twist!
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