Sandra Brown

Led Astray


And once he had kissed her, felt the responding warmth of her body beneath his hands, there had been no turning back. What he had done had been unforgivable. But what he was going to do was almost as bad.

Cage and Hal Hendren are as unalike as two brothers can be. Preacher’s kids, Hal has taken the righteous path, while Cage is the unrepentant black sheep of the family. The only thing they have in common is their love for the same woman — Jenny Fletcher.

Jenny loves Hal for his commitment to his calling, but deep in her heart of hearts she wishes his desire for her burned as hotly. Only on the eve of his departure for a dangerous mission trip to Central America, when he comes to her bed in darkness and secret, does he take her with unexpected passion.

When tragedy strikes and Hal is lost to her, it’s that night that Jenny cherishes, that Hal she misses. She yearns for that lover whose unbridled sensuality more resembled… Cage.

For Jenny, Cage is willing to give up his wild ways. But to get on the straight and narrow, he must sin again.
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    Love love it, Sandra brown never disappoints.

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