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Sex and Lust in Tijuana

Featuring more than 30 real-life sex stories from the men who fell in lust (and sometimes love!) with sex workers south of the border, Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the TJAmigos pulls back the velvet curtains of Tijuana’s world-famous redlight district. Professor Zee and Doctor Jim combed through the archives of the now-closed TJAmigos website to bring you a collection of sexual adventures from Tijuana. The stories within these covers were written by the Amigos themselves and several stories also feature additional commentary from the other Amigos.
I thought it was love until she showed 
me a text message she had tried to send 
me and I noticed my contact name in her 
phone was USA GRINGO #7. ~Ivanho 

Tijuana used to be an escape, but it has now 
become an anchor to my very tenuous grip 
on reality. The sensations of excitement and 
anticipation are always heightened by my 
constant longing to return. ~Matiz 
I went back to work afterwards because 
I knew I could look everyone in the eye 
and think to myself, “You didn’t let your 
trouser snake vomit on a chick’s face today.” ~CraigfromSD

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