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Getting Help from Your Dogs

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The Dog Type system can help you have more success in both your work and personal life.  It helps you to better understand yourself and others by knowing the dogs you like most and least.  This helps you assess one’s personality profile based on the personality characteristics of different dogs.
In addition, you can call on different types of dogs to help you in different situations — from making changes in your life to improving your relationships. You can also use these techniques to relax, have more energy, overcome stress, gain more confidence, and accomplish goals.
GETTING EVEN MORE HELP FROM YOUR DOGS features a number of exercises to gain insights and advice from your Guide Dog and other members of your dog team.  It includes examples from a workshop illustrating how people called on their Guide Dog to help them make changes in themselves and have better relationships.
The book is ideal for anyone interested in personality tests, personality types, personality profiles, personality assessment, personality characteristics, and personality psychology.   It combines the different systems for personality typing with the personalities of different dog breeds.
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