Mark Hodder

The Return of the Discontinued Man

The Philip K. Dick Award-winning steampunk series continues as past and future collide?and the world itself may be altered forever.
Years ago, a madman from the future assassinated the beloved Queen Victoria?an act which inadvertently thrust England into a technological age beyond anything ever imagined. But that same event is about to change history for a second time, when a renowned scientist attempts an experiment on the assassin’s time-travelling suit.
The ill-fated experiment unleashes a wave of chaos and conflicting timelines. The bizarre results include blood red snow falling from the sky, and the adventurer Sir Richard Burton receiving terrible visions of alternate realities that are unavoidable and yet changeable. Time and reality may have just reached their breaking point.
But most disturbing of all, the legendary Spring Heeled Jack has returned?in several different places at the same time! These numerous “Jacks” are all very confused, very irritable, and very dangerous . . . and they are all looking for Sir Richard Burton.
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