Dovelyn Rannveig Mendoza,Guntur Sugiyarto,Brian Salant,Maria Vincenza Desiderio

Open Windows, Closed Doors

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has signed mutual recognition arrangements in the tourism sector and in six regulated occupations: accountancy, architecture, dentistry, engineering, medicine, and nursing. By setting standardized rules for mutual recognition, ASEAN members have made it easier for professionals to have their qualifications recognized across the region. Although these arrangements share nearly identical objectives, not all are created equal and come with varying levels of openness to foreign professionals.This report is the latest in a project by the Asian Development Bank and the Migration Policy Institute to improve understanding of the barriers to free movement of professionals within ASEAN and to support the development of strategies to overcome these hurdles. The report draws on insights of nearly 400 ASEAN and state officials, private-sector employers, training directors, and others who participated in focus group discussions, meetings, and surveys.
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