Richard Bach

Hypnotizing Maria

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In this teaching fable, mega-author, Richard Bach returns to his main themes: love of flight and a profound interest in metaphysics. In the course of this slim volume, Bach tells the story of a no-nonsense veteran pilot, James Forbes, and his encounters with a woman named Maria trapped in a plane without a pilot, a flamboyant hypnotist and the hypnotist's deceased wife. Like his previous books, the story is a vehicle to explore various spiritual and philosophical issues. In a sense, Bach asserts, our world is a result of one hypnotic suggestion after another and the secret of a meaningful life is learning to control those suggestions. This is what Bach says about the significance of this work: "e;We've had the power all along to change our hallucinations and therefore the real world! This power has been known by many labels: Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction, The Secret . .. We do not create our own reality, it suggests, we create our own appearances, and this book shows how every one of us does it, and has done it, every day of our lives."e; "e;While it mines the same territory as The Secret, Bach's book is far richer, raising provocative questions and striking the perfect balance, providing answers without implying that they are the only – or necessarily the right – ones."e; Publishers' Weekly
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    What suggestions am I choosing to accept, Jamie thought, what have I decided to change? Who have I decided to be?
    Ах как заставляет задуматься эта книга.

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    What suggestions am I choosing to accept, Jamie thought, what have I decided to change? Who have I decided to be?
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    If it weren't for miseducation, you could walk through that wall.
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    Attitude, choice, desire, thought Jamie Forbes. Of course! Aware or not, conscious or not, that's what determines which suggestions I accept. They affect these little strings, these thought-particles this guy is calling . . . what? He read back a sentence: imajons.
    Some common positive conceptons are exhilarons, excytons, rhapsodons, jovions. Common negative conceptons include

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