Zoe Skoulding

The Museum of Disappearing Sounds

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The disappearing sounds of Zoë Skoulding's new collection may be either in the rich sonic environments that the poems observe, or in the resonance of words themselves, which exist in traces of speech and breath. Exploratory and alive to thesenses, The Museum of Disappearing Sounds creates new perspectives on language and the world in which it exists. 'Zoë Skoulding embarks on a profound orphic journey – one which asks you to travel through the traffic, to listen and look again. This is a poetry that tunes itself brilliantly through tensions out in the world and between bodies, precisely rung in its gaps and inscriptions. Words and sounds “shaken loose from border controls” are discovered in forgotten rooms, on the point of disappearance. Strange dust in the throat. A haunted and beautiful collection, which brings a reader's skin into contact, despite the desertion of language and its museums, with the continual necessity of song.' Carol Watts
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